Heal From The Inside

Fill Your Blood Cells with the Organic and Natural Minerals/Nutrients They Have Craved Your Entire Life... But Have Yet to Receive. 

Why Choose Us?

Cleaner Water = Cleaner Health. Clearer Mind.

I am on a mission to get people clean and genuinely HEALTHY water, as nature intended...while saving you some bucks along the way. Water restructured via Electrolysis.

Health, Wealth, Love. Without one, you never truly have the others. And i can assist you on finding all three of these things. I care because I had to learn most life lessons all on my own. I don't like to see you go through the hardships I had to endure by myself. 

I am here to help however I can. So do not fear to ask questions, even if you can'y buy a product. Ask me anything you want to know. 

Mark Doster’s passion, excitement, and intent is a clean and pure as Kangen water itself. I’m honored to endorse and highly recommend both.

Mark is a man you want to know!!

Kangen is the water you NEED to drink!

Tony Conley
Musician and Cancer Survivor

The first time I ever drank Kangen water I immediately felt hydrated and more energized.Water is pretty much the only thing I drink so for it to make me feel those kind effects than my regular water made me feel was quite surprising! I know how important alkaline water is for your body. Alkaline water can be very expensive though so this Kangen water system is vital to your health and saves money in the long run. I was shocked by all of amazing benefits this water offers! It is truly a life source!Our health should be our #1 priority. With that being said, it’s a no brainer to switch our family to Kangen water!!! Better health= Stronger immune systems and less trips to the Doctor! Truly the best investment you’ll ever make!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Thank you Mark Doster for introducing my family to Kangen. 💧It does a body good!!!!

Andrea Lagos
Yoga Instructor / Aerialist

The water from The Watt'er Boy's Kangen Water System has reduced my inflammation and pain from arthritis. For me, this is priceless

Wanda Doster
Education Specialist

Everyone should drink this water, it has numerous health benefits I can say this after having an incredible improvement with lupus.

Juliane Da Silva Lima
Business Owner

About Us

Mark Doster


My journey all started when I had to loose 110 pounds to gain confidence, to then steer me towards the Navy, to then allow me to attend film school wherever I wanted, to then start the life I always wanted. I came from an obese, sheltered, afraid family. Everything was the worst and money was the root of all problems in the household. I had to get away from that stronghold. I had to go explore with my own mind, my own eyes. Create my own opinions and views from my own experiences. And that leads me to today. I did the Navy. I did film school. Then I got lost a while, listening to the wrong people for years. Then one day I walked away from these people and I woke up. I finally saw the GOOD in life. I saw possibilities for freedom! And this is when a fellow veteran showed me a video on Ionized Water Machines. I had suffered from chronic dehydration for years, even drinking a gallon or more of filtered waters every day. But I still had chest cramps, DAILY. I started thinking I had a heart issue. So I saw the power of the video this guy showed me. I ordered one the very next day. Long story short, I drank it every day, my chest cramps went away, I fell in love, I set on my mission to educate and provide REAL, genuine, clean, ionized, alkalized, micro-clustered, antioxidant water to everyone I could find to listen. This water is a game change. It is the future. I have seen this. Now I want YOU to see it too!

I have been through it all, seen it all, beat it all. And now natural health and mindset is my passion. I am here to help others make the same change and find what they have never been shown before. I LOVE this water and I know that everyone else will too, after they simply try it. 

Let's grow together! 


Items are international and can ship anywhere in the World. 


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